Friday, October 7, 2011

Today's Fairy Tale is Brought to You by the Guy in Overalls

Kudos to the farmer;
An unlikely, field-bound
Fairy Godmother (of sorts)
Who breeds his own brand
Of orange magic. Purveyor
Of a dream-smattered harvest,
Rife with promise
Of imminent transformation
For just a few pennies,
So now neither
Princess nor pauper
Will lose out on a dance
For want of a pumpkin.


  1. Valerianna ~ Pumpkins! Just another reason to love autumn :~)

  2. Pumpkins! I love them :-) I just bought another two ceramic ones from the second hand charity shop beneath my daughter's flat... don't want to lose out on that dance ;-)

  3. I'm another pumpkin enthusiast! They're not so easy to find here in Germany - I do miss seeing precarious stacks of them at every corner green grocer back in Canada this time of the year...

  4. Annieoatcake ~ Yay for more pumpkins and Happy Dancing :~)

    Lynn ~ Pumpkins are such a traditonal seasonal staple here, (it's the simple things), I would miss them as well. Are there any other gourd-type thingies (or other traditional fare) there to make up for the pumpkin lack?

  5. i love your wit and insight in this piece~

  6. Thanks Tammie! If I were reading it out loud, I would use a radio announcer voice :~)