Monday, January 16, 2012

Under a Winter Moon

A long winter's night,
Under the light of the moon
She dreams of flowers.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pocket Design and Time

This post by Jude Hill got the cognitive wheels turning, and my back brain has been playing with the idea of shape as a form of time.  The initial thought prompts mental images such as the infinity symbol or perhaps Dali’s melting clocks, but mostly it’s an abstract concept that makes a kind of intuitive sense.  I suspect it also depends heavily on association, a factor that is ever-present in story, in image, in life. And in the latter’s case, it seems to be especially relative.

Today’s choice of jeans, for example, was based on the pocket design, which somehow seemed to evoke the idea of shape as time (at least for me). 

The stitching suggests little steps, movement of sorts, though right at this moment, I’m nestled in the eye-shaped space in the center where the two curves meet. Winter is like that, I think ~ an atmospheric time to sink into introspection or contemplation, and to nest. Cleo, my calico gurrrl cat, has the nesting part down to a fine art…

I think the center also feels right because we’ve just switched from one calendar year to another, the space in the man made realm where the old and the new connect. What will this newness bring? Many good things for all of us, I hope.

As for blogging, “Lens and Pen” began as a structured project for 2011, but where will it go in 2012? What shape will it take next? There will be stories, of course, and photos as well, including those that will pop up under the heading of “Random <3, an Irregular Series.” Here’s the first:

And there will probably be rambling posts like this, shaped loosely as words tumble out while the kitties nap and the laundry tosses around in the drier. Sometimes blogs are like that, I guess. And Jude’s post touches upon that, also…

“shape is often the result of continuing.
the record of a path in any direction. captured for the moment.”