Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February was for Dancing...

Oh, the blur of February! I had a landmark birthday and one of the things I did to celebrate it was to perform my first tribal duo. It was a whirlwind of exploring and choosing music, gathering coordinating gear and collaborating on the choreography with my dance partner. 

It struck me that the process was much like that of writing or of making tactile art ~ start with a vision and work your way towards it. Tweek this, refigure that, and fine-tune it until it feels just right.  And then there's the performance itself: exhilarating moments when time is shaped by sound and movement. I enjoyed every second of it.

This was taken on the day of the show:

I brought along my camera and captured some of the other performers:

A “wowza” moment:

And a tribal version of “The Three Graces.”

Now that March is here, I am re-reading Pratchette’s “Wintersmith” to make up for the not-quite winter that is now bordering on Spring.  Yes, those elementals can be tricky, but oh-so charming as well! And I’m pretty sure Granny Weatherwax will always be one of my heroes...