Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn, Interrupted...

There is something magical about autumn light. Pair it with the scents and colors of Fall, and everywhere you look, enchantment abounds. It is hard to stay indoors when Mother Nature wears such brilliant finery ~ I've been off in the wilds absorbing and harvesting beauty.

Yesterday, though, Mother Nature had something of a surprise up her sleeve. It snowed.

It was a full day of wet, heavy flakes and accumulation the likes of which I've never seen in October.

I suspect the trees and plants were also surprised.

Though the birds weren't bothered a bit.

Julius just tucked in, while I got out the boots and gloves.

I am remembering wool and hot chocolate and wishing for more Autumn!

In other news, I've also been busy preparing for my first Tribal dance performance. Back to the regular schedule of photos and fiction soon... 


  1. I hear you! We got two feet up here, and my town seems to be one of the only in the hills here to still have power! Autumn interrupted for sure! I usually spend the end of October gathering things from the land - chairs, benches, pots, etc. and stacking the remaining wood. When I learned of the coming storm, I went into overdrive, scurrying around the land collecting everything I could think of, stacking two cords of wood. Did nothing else for two days but scurry and stack wood. Two cords done and two under the snow under tarps... ugh! And its very strange, brilliant golden beech leaves draped in snow. The forest light is amazing- white and shimmering gold.

    Julius looks quite happy tucked into his bed. Pasha is sprawled on his sheepswool rug in front of the wood stove. Hope some Autumn returns,
    I love snow, but this is WAY too early!!

  2. Hi Valerianna! When I heard it was going to snow, I went right into denial mode. Then I woke up to the sound of hail the next morning, and that was just the beginning of the storm :~/

    I agree heartily ~ it is way too early for the white stuff! And the juxtaposition of winter-coated earth and multi-hued fall foilage is somewhat surreal. Well, at least you got a jump start on the wood stacking!

    I am behind on comments... off to your blog to re-listen to that gorgeous music you posted :~)

  3. Hi Donna,
    It has been a very long time since I last visited you, but I have been away from blogging for quite a while.

    Your wintery photos are very beautiful and I'm amazed to hear you have had snow in autumn. We have had the warmest autumn on record, here in the UK. It is the weirdest weather at the moment!

    Julius seems happy, all tucked up and warm. Gorgeous cat!

    Anyway, stay warm and Halloween blessings to you!
    Jo May.

  4. Snow!?! Mother Nature is indeed a tricky one.
    All the best with your Tribal dance performance!

  5. Hi Jo ~ Blogger has been a bit quiet lately, seems like a number of people are taking a break. Good to see you back though! Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy some of that warm weather for me, and happy All Hallow's Eve to you!

    Lynn ~ It's like there are two seasons going on at once here! Thank you for the well wishes. I am looking forward to the opportunity to take dance to the stage, even though another part of me would be perfectly content just to dance in the classroom or in a random field :~)

  6. I wish you more autumn
    your photographs are lovely to see~

  7. Tammie Lee ~ Thank you! After a few days of lingering white stuff, the earth is mostly back to wearing fallen leaves instead of snow :~) It really is a beautiful thing!