Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Way the Wolf Woos

She knows better
Than to wear silk now,
Though the crimson cap
Is still a tradition.  He
Takes joy in toying with ribbons,
As he nibbles lightly

(The better to taste you)
Down her newly-bared neck.
Spellbound, she wonders
Not about granny (who
Lies abed elsewhere)
But why mother

Failed to tell her 
About any of this.
Claws tickle and tease
With utmost care
As he watches with joy
(The better to see you) her

Goose-bumped response.
And oh, the seduction
Of words! They
Drip from his tongue
Like a basket of goodies
Spilled out on the sheet;

Honey-tinged vowels,
Growls barely stifled, and
Consonants filled
With the promise of heat.
Such sweet delight found
When cheek to cheek,

Or head on chest,
Pulse beat rhythms and
Slick skin echoes,
All (the better to hear) him
Say, “Come closer child,
Let me tell you a story.”


* Figurine in photo created by Jim Shore


  1. Hello Jo and Lynn ~ Hope you're having a happy autumn! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :~)