Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dryad Song

Tree breeze harmonies;
A sky full of dryad song
To welcome autumn.


  1. I'm wishing for that... ! Here, its thunderstorm, tropical rain harmonies and too much mold. The image is haunting, is it one of yours?

  2. Valerianna ~ Thunder-rumble harmonies and mold here as well, thanks to copius amounts of rain. (a-choo!) I'm hoping the dryad song can chase away the humidity and usher in more autumn crispness! Yes, the image is one of mine. I'm still learning about layering, and it is proving to be an interesting path :~)

  3. Eerie, haunting and beautiful!

  4. Lynn ~ 'Tis the season :~) Happy autumn to you!

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