Friday, September 16, 2011

Love Happens

                         With eyes closed tight
                                He conjures her up and
                                From out of a dreamscape
                                She emerges, bliss-struck.

                         She weaves her own spell,
                                All gossamer and silk,
                                Believes his is the face she
                                Can look upon forever.

                          Both are so very pleased;
                                 As if they willed into being
                                 This wild magic. As if Nature played
                                 No part in their pairing. As if

                           They were the only ones
                                 To lay claim to this garden,
                                 To steal kisses in shadows
                                 To try and woo fate into

                                   Making love happen...


  1. Thanks Lynn! My initial thought when I chose this photo to write about was something along the lines of 'love soars.' And then 'Love Happens' happened. The muse had her way with me this time...