Friday, September 9, 2011

Cupid's Poppet

I always seem to fall for his type; the kind that makes your blood sing with a simple grin, the kind who always seem so sure and knowing, the kind whose terms of endearments almost never include actual names.

I really try not to be so easily enchanted. I understand this pattern has to end, but sometimes I think my heart and body conspire against me. My mind says no, but when he stretches out his hand, I take it.

I follow him into the fields, into the mists where all color is muted, where the scents are wild and earthy. As I lie with him, I imagine his wings, the downy kiss of soft feathers folding gently around me. For a handful of blissful moments, I feel like I am loved. “Oh babe,” he sighs.

He falls asleep with a smile on his face. Soon he’ll wake, pick up his bow, continue his pranks. He’ll find others who will worship him or curse him, but now I am the one with wings. I fly further than his trickster arrows can follow, beyond words, beyond sound, far away from the laughing eyes of cupid’s poppet.


  1. Very nice! I love reading your words.

  2. Thank you Linda! Several different story ideas were prompted by this photo and this is the one that won out in the end. I wasn't sure if (or ) how people were going to respond to it :~/

  3. In Scotland we call Cupid 'Dream Angus'. The xxxx we put at the end of love letters are thought to come from the 4 little birds that fly above his head. He broke many a poppets heart until Caer turned him into a swan!

    Great story, Donna~Q~, it made me smile :-)

  4. Aw, it's been far too long since I called round here for a wee story! Loved this - that picture is wonderful and as ever your words go so well with it. Hope you are well!
    Roisin x

  5. I always love stopping by to see what beautiful images and words you've left for us. Many thanks!

  6. Annieoatcake: I first learned about your "Dream Angus" via Alexander McCall Smith's book of the same name. I didn't know about the xxxx birds though. How charming :~) Thanks for telling me about that!

    Roisin: Thank you! It's always good to see you popping in, even if it's just a brief visit in the middle of your whirlwind summer. The kettle is always on for you here :~)

    Lynn: I feel the same way about your blog :~) Thank YOU for stopping by and commenting.