Sunday, February 6, 2011

When in Winter...

 ~ When In Winter ~

The days are shaped by white,
The nights are long
Blanket-bound hours,
Clad in crystalline longing.

Shards of ice and shivers;
The Snow Queen’s words
All etched in hoarfrost,
Obscure the windows,

And echo, cave-like, with
Cursive blustery curses
And fragments of mystery
Barely kept at bay

By wood smoke
And remembrance spells
Chanted hearth-side where
Warmth ghost-sings

In frost-edged dreams, and tea
Drowns one’s throat
With a wash of flowers
And memories of Spring.


  1. @ Valerianna ~ "word-journey" - I like that way of looking at it! Thank YOU :~)

    @ Aria ~ I made a "special" version of that photo for you. E-mail on the way :~)

  2. A beautiful poem and a beautiful blog.

  3. @ Terri and Lynn ~ Thank you muchly!

  4. Beauty! Thank you for reminding me that winter can be peaceful and magical.

  5. @ Jen: You are very welcome. I suspect you are making your own winter magic, tucked into your beautiful studio with Galatea close!