Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Out of the night sky, stars fall.
No one sees them, of course,
But they land, ground-cupped,
Soft as snow drift, sporting
Mantles of winter’s signature white.
They bring ancestors' songs and secrets
That shape themselves into wind
Made blustery with wishes
And swirls of flakes dancing
To the memory of moonlight.
In the morning, the world
Is all covered in sparkles.

This has been a winter filled with white. Not since childhood has there been snow-on-snow-on-snow here, and now there are piles even higher than my head, and everything is snow-capped. Winter seems to have its own particular brand of inspiration, and the season has seeped into my dreams and invaded my Muse Room as well. Words like blustery, chill, and shiver flow onto the page as I sit nestled in my desk chair, fleece-covered and flanked by feline affection junkies.

Outside, the Greenman in my garden dreams of Spring.


  1. As lovely as snow is, I'm sure its welcome is long-since worn out. Don't tell me you got more snow today?

    Beautiful photos! So serene and peaceful.

  2. I love the greenman poking out from snow. My pan is still completely buried under a few feet of snow in the moss garden - or, um the snow garden. Fleece and feline affection junkies - a furry mix for fleece!

  3. Lisa ~ today the temps have been moderate and the rain has come in force. Soon it will be a world made of mud here!

    Valerianna ~ My fleece is furry :~) It's surprising how little the Maine Coons shed, considering their long, thick coats. My calico gurrrl, however, sheds a lot AND she has a fine-tuned radar for targeting dark clothing! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your moss garden (and Pan) when the snow clears!

    Lynn ~ Thank you for your response! I am still haunted by your "Foundling" post. The exhibit seems to be both beautiful and devastating, and had I been with you, we'd be sharing the tissues!

  4. Donna~Q~

    Wonderful poem. Scotland's just recovering from it's coldest winter on record! Your Greenman has inspired me to go take some pics of the snowdrops - he needs to wake up! Beautiful picture :-)

  5. Thanks annieoatcake!
    Oh, the delight of snowdrops ~ such wonderful harbingers of Spring! I took a photo of the brave beauties coming up through the ice here just a few day ago ~ you can see it on my other blog ~

  6. such a lovely poem, imbues with the spirit of life and winter~

  7. @ Tammie Lee ~ this has been a very wintery winter, the kind of season that one can't help but feel :~)

  8. It has been a snowy winter … and I *knew* I sensed the Greenman peeking out from under the snow!

  9. I do love the images that your poem evokes!
    I too do love snow, but can maginethe need for Spring is more urgent after so much white stuff ;-) keep warm x

  10. @ Walk in the Woods ~ I think I saw him blink himself awake just a tiny bit the other day. March is such a fickle month, but the promise of green is becoming evident in the landscape here and there!

    @ Ruthie ~ Thank you! This winter hasn't felt quite as daunting as some of those in the past, despite all the snow. I'm wondering if my budding love affair with my camera has something to do with that...

  11. Donna, i think it probably has, i must admit, since i became enthralled with taking photos i seem not to mind the cold & wet so very much, its much more exciting looking for picture opportunities. ps its lovely to be at the table with you too x

  12. I've come back for another reading of your beautiful poem:)

  13. @ Lisa ~ you are welcome any time, the kettle's always on :~)