Friday, April 15, 2011

Walking with April

April plays a fickle game,
Rain or sun? You never know.
Yesterday it looked this way:
As above, so below:

                                         And then it changed,
                                           As April does,
                                           Today was this:
                                       Springtime bliss:


  1. Walking with April eh? Well...that's a catchy post title LOL
    All the best

  2. you have portrayed a spring beautifully.

  3. Nature sure is a fickle wench in this season. For me, it's kinda like lookin' in a mirror! :D

  4. ~ Thank you April and Tammie!

    ~ Walk in the Woods: indeed and *GRIN*

  5. Wonderful post! LOVE that first photo of the reflected trees - just perfect! Oh, and I know what you mean about spring weather. Plenty of removable layers, it's the only way to walk!

  6. ~ Roisin: I have a quirky fondness for taking photos of water and the things I find in it, and April has certainly been accomodating with the puddles :~) You are so right about the layers ~ they are key!