Monday, October 29, 2012

Wind. Leaves. Words. Dance.


* At the Goblin Market * 

To ride the midnight train, you’ll need one old coin and a finger bone. It will not take you where you expect to go.

You can purchase love, but you’ll have to pay dearly.

Both story and song are good to barter with.

Framed pictures, the color of cloth and pretty women will not
Look the same in the morning. Trust me on this.

There is a stall that sells questions. Choose wisely.

Yes, you can commune with the dead.

Never eat the apples.

 *  * * * * * * * * * * * *
Every year, Autumn seduces me effortlessly. The colors, the scents, the quality of the light! Long sleeves with thumb-holes and fleece and hot chocolate and boots! And paths like this:
We are on storm watch tonight. It is appropriately blustery, and I suspect the leaves are having a last hurrah.
Soon the trees will be bare.
This is also the season when dance events pick up. I recently performed a tribal fusion piece with a friend at Rakkasah East, a weekend long festival that celebrates all forms of bellydance.
And this past weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph some very lovely dancers at a local hafla:

It is such a pleasure to "capture" the bliss!




  1. What a wonderfully, Autumnally charged post!
    Best wishes through the storm. It's frightening when Mother Nature rears up.

    1. Hi Lynn! The storm brought winds like WHOA! I'd never experienced anything quite like it before! Thankfully, everything is still in one piece here. The trees are now mostly bare and the streets are flooded with leaves!

  2. Beautiful dance images!! Safe storm to you!!!

    1. I hope you and your forest "weathered" the storm safely as well! Chin scratches to Pasha!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    1. Thank you HUGS! Autumn spoils one so with the pretty :~)