Friday, November 18, 2011

The Last Leaf

Autumn displays its wares;
A shameless foliate spread
Of gold and cinnamon gems and
Flirty sprays of ochre and amber
In seductive abundance.

There’s red in there too;
Shades of love and blood
That fade into russet temptations
Waving coyly along
With their showy orange sisters.

The spectrum changes daily;
A shifting pallet
Of light and shadow
So enchanting
That the wind cannot resist
The playground of colors.

Limb by limb,
It lover-rustles its way
Through the wood,
Breeze intent on
Passion-crazed caress,
False fingers lingering,

Until it shapes the branches
Into twisted nakedness;
A blustery skeleton dance
Of rebirth in waiting
As the last betrayed leaf
Spirals down into ghosthood.


  1. Lovely, captures my favorite time of year.

  2. Valerianna ~ It's the wind-tree song, particular to the time between autumn and winter. *grin*

    Mamabeaks ~ It is such a beautiful season, isn't it? My favorite as well...