Friday, November 25, 2011

The Fisherman and the Mermaid

They meet where words are drowned
In wave-crashed pools.
She reaches out to him, silent
While hook-cut hands
Navigate her body, sculpting
An ocean-pulse merger of worlds,
A liminal love, now
Newly moon glazed.

Siren song floods the night
As lips and hands
Weave enchanted bliss. She
Shapes their dance with
Tide-flow rhythms;
A slippery warp and weft
Which he perceives
As heartbeats, echoed.
Thus it is so:

He mistakes passion
For longing, the wind
For her sighs,
Wet kisses for love until
She is called by the stars,
Back into the deep.
Dawn finds him dew-clad,
Dream-haunted by something
Rich and strange, but
The only thing he remembers
Is the taste of salt.


  1. gorgeous Donna! i hope many people get to read this for it is a rich, passionate, mysterious gem!

  2. Valerianna and Tammie ~ Thank you both!

  3. A lovely poem that is truly inspiring. You have a real way with words, Donna!
    Tammie has shared your post on facebook! ;-)

  4. Joanne ~ So good to see you back in the blogosphere again! Thanks for the encouraging comment!