Friday, June 3, 2011

Here be Dragonflies

There was a time
When the world was filled
With dragonflies, only.
The sun’s rays shimmered
In delight at their song
While the wind sang harmonies
And it was oh, so pretty.

It was almost perfect, in fact,

Until they finally realized
There was no one on earth
To dance along with,
To record their flight,
To share in their beauty.
There was no one
Who would ever
Of wings.


  1. beautiful and sad
    very creative of you ~

  2. Wonderful - so I guess that's how we came into being! How I love dragonflies....

  3. ~ Tammie: Thanks for your comment! The dragonfly in the (layered) photo above stopped by my garden one quiet afternoon and the poem stemmed from that.

    ~ Valerianna: I love dragonflies as well ~ such amazing and beautiful creatures! They seem quite willing to pose for the camera :~)

  4. Donna~Q, your art is beautiful, truly a wonder..

  5. Magical dragonfly image and words. I love the elegant description in your poem.
    There was no one who would ever dream of wings... Just beautiful!

  6. Annieoatcake and Joanne ~ thank you for such lovely comments!

  7. Beautiful! I just adore the image of a world filled only with dragon flies, thanks for putting in my mind :) Oh, and have I ever told you your blog is very relaxing? Just having an overdue nosy round it now and I feel so calm and contented. Very calming indeed.

  8. Roisin ~ Thanks for visiting! I've been told my home has the same effect on people :~)