Monday, May 30, 2011

On Thyme

Thyme in the garden
Transports a mere, mortal girl
Into fairyland.


  1. I like the play on thyme - my favourite herb :-)

  2. It SOOO does! I have a ton of it here... I think the faeries like it, so I've heard!

  3. Annieoatcake ~ Thyme is wonderful! There are so many ways to use it, both for cooking and for medicinal purposes. (I've only read about the latter, there's so much more I'd love to learn about herbs.) And it is pretty! Lemon thyme is my current favorite and it is the plant you see in the photo of this post.

    Valerianna ~ Yes, folkloric sources do say that thyme in the garden will attract fairies! (So your garden would be popular with them :~) That's one of the things I was thinking about when I wrote this haiku, along with the play on words. I can be such a pun dork!

  4. Lovely! This made me smile. There is something special about Thyme. Such delicate, playful leaves. I can see why the Fairies are attracted to it.

  5. Lynn ~ Plus, it has such a delightful scent :~)

  6. Hi lynn, not sure if my comments are posting, will try again! anyway, lovely photo and the using it at the moment to cure a sore throat....boiling sage leaves with thyme and then mixed with honey....tastes GREEN!

  7. Hi Donna ...

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, after it got mentioned on Terri's site. (Was it as surreal for you to see your desk there as it was for me??)

    Bucks County, huh? I spent most of my 20's living there, and don't visit much anymore, but this is the second time in four days it has come up (after just waxing poetic about the chocolate chip cookies at Cramer's Bakery in Yardley). I hope you are enjoying the blossoming of summer down there.

    Your photos are lovely, and your words create potent moods, especially the shorter ones. (I am partial to the three line beasties, having written hundreds of them myself a few years back.)

    'Twas a pleasure to flit about in your world for a bit.

    Be Well ... I.Q.