Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Route to the Otherworld

The route to the otherworld is marked,
They say; look for a lamppost or
Crossroads or spirals.

You may find your way there
In a certain slant of light,
(Or anything that shimmers) or

At dawn perhaps, or dusk. Mirrors
Might be useful and liminal spaces
Are always a good bet,

As are the pages of a book or
Even just a simple word, though rhymes
Are rumored to work especially well.

Search out toadstools and tidepools,
Old stones and holed stones and strange
Colored leaves. It is said that

Imagination would probably help, but
There really are no set rules for wanderers.
The only thing necessary is belief.


  1. Lovely! And the lamp post picture is perfect.

    (Do tell me, is that image - directly above - one of those 3-D pictures which appear if you look at it in the right way, or have I been giving my computer screen a fierce cross-eyed gaze for the past five minutes in vain?)

  2. ~ Hi Lynn! The bottom pic is a photo of one of my garden stones (that reads "believe") multiplied in a distortion filter. My apologies for the eye strain :~/

  3. Well, you know I'm always looking for the little breadcrumbs of nature. Maybe the moss will point the way for me? Or maybe the journey is the best part?

    Beautiful words and I love the be-twigged lamppost! If you tell me that is in your neighborhood, I'm going to conclude that you already reside in the Otherworld!

  4. ~ Thanks Valerianna!

    ~ Lisa, the lamppost is on the grounds of Bryn Athyn Cathedral.

  5. I just came back to your post to reread route to the otherworld, and just to say thank you for the beautiful words, love your work,eimear

  6. ~ Eimear, thank you for dropping by! It's always good to connect with other fairy tale-minded folk :~)

  7. Love your poetry, Donna ~Q~ it makes it easier for me to 'believe' :-)

  8. I think you've done it, in vivid, evocative language, presented a clear concise set of instructions for locating a route to the Otherworld.

  9. ~ Annieoatcake: I do belive your comment made me smile ~ thank you!

    ~ Aria: If I disappear, you'll know how to find me :~)

  10. Beautiful blog page, thank you for being you.
    I do have a few well trod pathways close by just in case I need them. Sometimes I may just happen to stumble on a new one by mistake, but I prefer the ones I already know! X

  11. ~ Amanda: Thanks for the lovely comment! Happy wandering :~)

  12. Donna what an enchanting little world you have here ~ such a pleasure to visit. Thank you!

  13. Just wanted to pop by to thank you for putting Aria of wild muse and I in touch!

  14. ~ April: Welcome greetings, and thank you for visiting. To make a silly but well-intentioned pun, your blog ROCKS :~) Lovely work! And I will add that I'm one of those people guilty of stacking stones by streams and tree trunks on many a woods walk...

    ~ Lynn: You are quite welcome ~ that is one of the joys of the world wide web :~)