Friday, March 11, 2011

Dulce et Utilis

Iron shaped into curved bliss,
Flame-kissed and hinged,
Weathered and timeless...

Metalsmith love, now
Home to a layered library
Of hopeful hand prints...

And a reliquary of tales
Forged by the collective echo
of "May I come in?"


  1. WOW! Speechless with the beautiful of heavy metal and pretty words.

    I have a thing for nice hardware:)

  2. Beautiful ironwork. I so wonder who we would be if we still took such care to craft the functional objects and details we live with. Think of Art Nouveau and Craftsman houses... I'm ready for the next design movement! How about Medieval Revival?

  3. @ Lisa ~ Pretty hardware gets me every time! :~)

    @ Valerianna ~ my thoughts exactly!

  4. precious locks
    Greetings from Barcelona

  5. So much prettier and more interesting than doorbells.

  6. @ Beatriz ~ Thank you for stopping by from beautiful Barcelona! Visitors are always welcome :~)

    @ Walk in the Woods ~ Aren't they? I am totally smitten by the combination of usefulness and beauty!

    @ Aria ~ I'll happily second that thought :~)

  7. wonderful thoughts in the form of poems
    and the artful metal work is a delight to see~

  8. @ Tammie Lee ~ Thank you for your comments! I can't help but admire artful metal work, not only is it visually pleasing, but it also has an enduring and tactile quality that I find completely enchanting...