Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Things Crop Up

Bloom, Blossom, Grow. 
Signs of Spring are cropping up everywhere...

The Suburban Duck Duo has returned to camp out in my gardens...

Where wet and watery reflections can often be found
along with the flora and fauna...

And even the fungi seems to be shaped like be a flower:

Other things have cropped up as well...

Two of the masks I made several years ago were recently used in a music video.  I hadn’t thought of them in quite some time, so it was a pleasure to find out they are getting put to good use.

On May 1st, my duo partner and I joined up with a delightful array of dancers for a very festive Tribal Expo. The two of us performed to Loreena McKennett’s “Huron Beltane Fire Dance.” It was a lovely evening and a fantastic way to start the month!

Happy May!


  1. Beautiful pictures from your garden. Nature never fails to astound and amuse.
    Love your masks. Do you still make them?
    Sounds like you had a perfect start to May!

    1. Hi Lynn ~ oh yes, the enchantments of Nature :~)

      I went on a mask-making kick after I was gifted into a class with Toby Froud, but I haven't made any in a while. My paints have been a bit neglected as well, lately... Life Stuff, as you say. Luckily, the dance groove is going strong and that's a good thing!

      Hope all is well with you and Spring is showering you with delights!

  2. Happy May indeed. Lovely to see glimpses of your life. Your dance sounds wonderful.

    1. And Happy Spring! Thanks for stopping by Tammie!