Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beauty's Garden

* Changing things up a bit this time around... Instead of using one of my own photos for this post, I am fiction-riffing in response to a painting called "The Turret Stairs" by Frederic Burton, as a part of a book giveaway challenge over at "The Merry Sisters of Fate." * 

~ Beauty’s Garden ~

Is it the scent of lavender
That enchants you so, dear prince?
Eyes bright after your briar bashing
Success in the labyrinth of thorns and now,
Yes now you've finally met
The girl with poisoned-apple colored lips.

Does the rosemary help you remember?
Strains of first true love,
Long forgotten songs,
The sea and stars vying for your attention
In a night of wonder when you first
Put your foot upon this road…

Or is it the thyme, sweet thyme,
That hints upon the magic
In this place full of possibilities where
Blissful flora and a beautiful face
Seduce your senses, fuels
The shape of your desire...

The roses charmed you, no doubt,
Soft as sleeping skin, daisy chains and
Pale breast blushing invitations
Of young love pure and
Intoxicating eternal bliss that’s
Yours for the taking. So.

You stand surrounded by Eden’s splendor
Finer than your wildest dreams,
The crushed scent of fragile orchids and
The pleasure jasmine’s promised plunder;
Both girl and garden. Enough
Beauty to fill a thousand lifetimes. But oh,

Dear Prince, beware the foxglove.


  1. Found you through Merry Fates --- this is beautiful!

  2. Lynn ~ Thank you! It was fun combining two of my favorite things, gardens and fairy tales :~)

    Jo ~ Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment! The contest was fun :~)