Friday, July 15, 2011

Frog Prince?

The story starts with a golden ball gone rogue and a bargain ~ not exactly a great premise for a romance. “Kiss me,” the frog pleads. The princess tries to be polite, but disgust wins out over obligation. One minute he’s sitting in her hand and in the next, SMASH! He hits the wall, bounces twice and, instead of squashed amphibian parts, out pops a prince. Go figure.

Somewhere in that tale, there’s a lesson for little girls, everywhere. Right?

For the record, this scenario has never happened with any of my boyfriends. But then, I’ve never dashed any of them against the wall. Perhaps I should try it sometime? I don’t imagine the ensuing inquiries will be assuaged by my excuse of “But I thought you were bespelled!”

So much for that idea.

To be safe, I just stick to the kissing part. I paint my lips ruby-red, secure in the knowledge that sometimes magic happens. When he leans in close, I tremble in breathless anticipation, poised on the hopeful edge of imminent transformation, and then I cherish those sweet liminal moments when infinite possibilities and fairy tale endings sweep between our pressed-together mouths.

What happens after that is anyone’s guess…


  1. The secret is that if you kiss a 'prince' and he turns into a 'toad' then you dash him against the wall (metaphorically speaking!)

    I love the picture of the frog - is he real?

  2. The image is stunning … the words, charming.

  3. Annieoatcake ~ That's very good dating advice *grin* Yes, the frog is real. I met him at a local pond the other day. There was no kissing involved, but he did wink at me :~)

    Walk in the Woods ~ I've been playing with photo textures and found one that really works well with the frog pic I took. He seemed quite content to pose for me!

  4. love it!............. although I do think that my falling in love days are over, but this brought back good memories.

  5. Mamabeaks ~ YAY for good memories! *hugs*

  6. Dashing might work sometimes, with the correct amount of force applied, and a kiss afterwards is a must :)

  7. Made me smile on a dreary Monday. Thanks!

  8. Lecte ~ Of course one must not forget the kiss afterwards! *grin* Followed the link to your blog and found your lovely collection of images. I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

    Lynn ~ That froggy face made me smile as well, and I'm glad I got a photo of it. It looks to me like he really wants to say something and it would probably be silly and wise at the same time :~)